CS Series Products (MFC)

The CS series products use internationally leading technology and have higher accuracy and faster response and are easier to use. It brings the advantages of multiple functions, easy communication, scalability, and strong compatibility. CS series products have been widely used in semiconductor, photovoltaic, fuel cell, vacuum, analytical instruments, photoelectricity, gas making, petrochemical, medical, aviation and other industries. 

High Accuracy and Fast Response

The accuracy of the CS has been improved to ±1.0% of S.P., and the most advanced models have a reduced response time of less than 0.8 sec.

Low Zero Drift and Temperature Coefficient

The invention of new sensor technology enables the device to maintain stability and withstand temperature fluctuations. Without an auto-zero amplifier, the expected zero drift is less than 0.6% F.S./year, and the temperature coefficient is less than 0.02% F.S./℃ (zero), 0.05% F.S./℃ (span).

Miscellaneous Functions

Powerful customer software comes standard with each model, while additional functions such as multi-gas, multi-range, auto-zero, alarms, soft start, and delay are available as customer selections.




CS Series Products (MFC)


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