ECAT STGMM 6 is a robust and extremely compact measurement module for strain gauge measurements and it is excellently suited for distributed measurement applications under challenging environmental conditions. ECAT STGMM 6 features six time-synchronous strain gauge inputs and offers the advantage of being mechanically compatible to measurement modules of the CSM MiniModule series.

Up to 100 modules of the ECAT measurement module series can be electrically and mechanically connected.

If used in combination CSM’s XCP-Gateway, ECAT STGMM 6 modules can be easily configured and operated by using the configuration software CSMconfig and XCP-compatible data acquisition software (e.g. vMeasure CSM, CANape®, INCA, etc.), respectively. ECAT STGMM 6 measurement modules can be directly connected to a computer if data acquisition software supporting EtherCAT® master operation is used.

Key features:

  • Time-synchronous acquisition of strain gauge signals with measurement data rates up to 20 kHz per channel
  • Support of full and half bridge strain gauges with 6- and 4-wire connection
  • Support of quarter bridges via special cable
  • Simple configuration via CSMconfig using a universal measurement range
  • High resistance to interference due to ratiometric measuring principle and configurable software filter




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