EtherCAT Ethernet Cables and Connectors

HELUKABEL® is offering following cables for every application:

  • EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet raw cables and field harness connectors RJ45 and M12 d-coded or x-coded, M8 d-coded
  • Supported cable categories 5e / 6/ 6A / 7
  • Pre-wired harness with molded connectors RJ45 and M12 d-/x-coded
  • Cables with PVC, PUR, FRNC, PE jacket available for every application
  • Fix, flex, drag chain and robotic cable versions
  • Molded harnesses 360° shielded and 100% tested
  • single (one open end) or double-side molded with connector
  • straight and 90° angled versions
  • UL approved
  • IP 65/67 for M12 connectors male/female
  • IP 20 for RJ45
  • CPR approved cables available
  • Fiber optical raw cables OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 and ITU-T G.652d / ITU-T G.657A1
  • Pre-wired harness of fiber optical cables