maXYmos TL

The maXYmos TL (Top Level) captures, analyzes and evaluates XY curves of two measurands that have to stand in a precisely defined relationship to each other. Such curves arise in applications such as:

  • Press fitting of bearings or valve seat rings
  • Riveting and flanging of casing parts
  • Turning and swiveling of joints
  • Turning of key switches
  • Movement of drawer slides
  • Compression and extension of shock absorbers
  • Pressing of snap-in elements

The measurement curves can be used to assess the quality of an individual stage of production, an assembly or the product as a whole. The functions of this XY monitor range from simple, singlechannel force-displacement monitoring to complex multichannel applications for use in assembly and product testing. The monitor, which can have up to eight cascadable channel pairs, is designed to satisfy the most demanding users who require maximum user-friendliness, user comfort and flexibility.

With a wide range of powerful evaluation objects, even very complex XY curves can be evaluated. Building on the maXYmos BL (Type 5867B...), the maXYmos TL offers a whole range of additional evaluation possibilities. For example, the GET-REF object is able to determine the coordinates of significant points on a curve, e.g., the position of a snap-in point, and pass them to a CALC object. This then calculates, e.g., the distance between two such snap-in points and evaluates it.


maXYmos TL


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