CJ Series Position Control Unit

Complete and compact controller system for your machine

In a minimum of space you can have a complete and powerful positioning system when combining the Omron CJ2 PLC, the CJ1W-NC (EtherCAT) unit and the G5 servo drives with EtherCAT built-in. This configuration offers up to 16-axis positioning with linear and circular interpolation, as well as support for 64 I/O, inverter and vision device nodes over the network.


  • Position Controller supporting up to 16 servo axes
  • Support for 64 I/O, inverter and vision device nodes
  • High-speed positioning operation: taking from 0.15 to 0.4 ms (min.) to start servo operation from PLC start command
  • Compact size unit compatible with CJ1 and CJ2 PLCs
  • High-speed communication of EtherCAT (250 μs min. communication cycle)
  • Circular and Linear Interpolation
  • Linear and infinite axes management
  • Position registration capture
  • Zone Outputs, also called CAM Outputs
  • Certified PLCopen Motion control function blocks: Part 1 and 2
  • Support for Servos, Inverters, visions systems and I/Os in a single EtherCAT network


  • Position Control Unit (2/4/8/16 axes) CJ1W-NC_81
    High-speed start-up of 0.15 - 0.4 ms per axis
    High-precision control achieved under the fastest control cycles of 0.5 ms
  • Position Control Unit (4/8/16 axes) CJ1W-NC_82
    Same performance in positioning control as CJ1W-NC_81
    Connection of 64 I/O, inverter and vision device nodes, in addition to the controlled servo drives


CJ Series Position Control Unit



OMRON Corporation

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