Rotary Actuator DGII Series

DGII is the new generation of Oriental Motor rotary tables. Compared to the former model, the redesigned drive comes along with three advantages: The stepper motor and driver package AR Series is used to drive the rotary table, this enables the user to reduce energy costs due to the high efficiency motor. Second, in addition to the pulse-input type now a built-in controller type is also available. Finally a 85 mm frame size type has been added which is a useful line extension to the existing frame sizes of 60, 130 and 200 mm types. DGII realizes thrust loads of 100-4000 N, the maximum speed is 110-200 r/min and the resolution is 1800-180000 P/R.

DGII Series can be connected to EtherCAT via the Network Controller NETC01-ECT.


Rotary Actuator DGII Series



Oriental Motor (Europa) GmbH

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