M3-41A EtherCAT Master

The CTC M3-41A motion module is an EtherCAT Master for the CTC model 5300 Programmable Automation Controller.

The CTC M3-41A motion module supports advanced EtherCAT Master distributed motion control using CoE (CAN application protocol over Ethernet). This includes servo drives, stepper motors, and I/O devices. With the M3-41A there is no need to wrestle with a complex configurator, poke drive objects, or figure out how interfaces work. Each supported device has been verified with the M3-41A and all set-up and initialization is done for you. 

High-level motion control commands are accomplished using QuickBuilder, CTC’s standard programming environment. Multiple networks are supported and may be intermixed with other networks such as other leading fieldbus systems.

  • Cyclic sync position, interpolated position, profile velocity, torque & position modes supported
  • Distributed clocks by default, syncs master to slaves and triggers motions simultaneously
  • 16 axis support at 1ms, including I/O
  • Segmented, geared, position, velocity, and cammed moves
  • Any axis can track and gear off any other axis
  • Multi-master and virtual master support
  • Currently supports Beckhoff and Wago digital and analog I/O blocks
  • Native communication using other leading fieldbus systems via separate ports
  • Multiple EtherCAT Master networks

Autoconfiguration and support for the following devices; more are added as the need/request arises.

  • Yaskawa Sigma 5
  • Copley Accelnet
  • Kollmorgen AKD
  • Sanyo Denki SANMotion RS2E
  • Control Techniques
  • I/O Blocks: Beckhoff, Wago, SMC

Multiple networks are supported and may be intermixed with other leading fieldbus networks.


M3-41A EtherCAT Master


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