Universal Deployment Guaranteed – the new YukonDrive Servo Controller

Irrespective of the applied control concept, the new YukonDrive servo controller from Harmonic Drive SE allows flexible integration of a wide range of solutions to all motion control requirements. Motion profiles can be generated in a master control system or directly in the drive controller.

The YukonDrive servo controller is optimised for applications in the low to mid power range and provides three compact sizes with high power to size ratios. Variants are available for rated currents of 3–8 Aeff with a 230 Vac power supply. For greater power inputs the YukonDrive range also includes devices with 400–480 Vac power supplies and rated currents of 2.5–6.5 Aeff. The devices’ current overload capacity is 300% of the rated value.

The servo controller is designed for applications with overriding master control systems providing cyclic set points via a field bus system. A diverse range of interpolation methods convert the key values for the required movement into uniform and precise motion. At the same time, the flexible speed and torque pilot controller maximises dynamic response and movement precision.

Because drive controllers increasingly have to control safety functions in a growing number of applications, the YukonDrive servo controller features STO as standard, a safe torque off function in compliance with SIL 3 (IEC 61508, IEC 62061) / PL d (EN ISO 13849).

Field bus systems such as EtherCAT assure flexible integration with your control and automation technology.




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