MORPHEE Automation System with EtherCAT

D2T was the first company to offer these solutions to the market based on PC technologies. Building on its 20 years of experience, D2T offers original solutions in terms of flexibility, with a cost-performance mix that is unbeatable on the market.


A unique system for test bed automation, for carrying out calibrations, and for real-time simulation at the test bed. Future-proof your operation with MORPHEE 2... 

Exceptional reliability, achieving mounted test bed availability rates of up to 99%*

  • An architecture allowing easy integration regardless the type of environment or test bed  
  • Unmatched transient application performance with acquisition rates of up to 10 kHz
    * Figures obtained from testing centers with more than 15 testing test beds

D2T Powertrain Engineering offers you an EtherCAT communication solution under MORPHEE automation system which allows measurement frequencies up to 10 kHz!

  • Speed: Acquisition frequencies up to 10 kHz, proven necessary for transient applications 
  • Reliability: Conditioning of measurements can be carried out at any proximity to the element tested.  
  • Safety: EtherCAT integrates a redundancy feature that protects the system even if the network connection is lost. 
  • Quick access to the ECU via the "Fast ECU Access" feature


MORPHEE Automation System with EtherCAT


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