Delta™III Flow Ratio Controller

3-zone Flow Ratio Controller

For Process Optimization of Critical Deposition and Etch Processes

The DELTA™ III Flow Ratio Controller is a critical process control instrument in the MKS line of digital control, web-browser products. This device provides the latest in gas flow ratio measurement and control technology necessary to meet the demands of multi-channel flow distribution for semiconductor, flat panel and solar panel process uniformity control.

The DELTA ™series mass flow ratio controllers divide and control mixed process gas flows to either multiple chambers or zones within a process chamber at proportions specified by the user to optimize process uniformity and repeatability. The DELTA™series flow ratio controllers with their superior performance and compact design are the latest offerings from MKS's industry leading DELTA™ controllers enabling process gas flow ratio control.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate & repeatable flow ratio control for better process optimization
  • Control flow proportion independent of the process gas mix
  • Digital control loop for rapid response to channel setpoint
  • Increase tool uptime with fewer "No Problem Found" product replacements
  • Embedded diagnostics and software to check functionality without removal
  • E-diagnostics with embedded Ethernet interface for monitoring performance during operation
  • Uses standard web browser - no special software required


DELTA™ III mass flow ratio controller is used in a variety of flow splitting applications such as etch, strip, and CVD.


Delta™III  Flow Ratio Controller


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