XCI 600

EtherCAT®-ready machine controller

Highly compact industrial PC-based, integrated PLC/CNC solution in “Book PC” format of dimensions L 100.0 x W 200.0 x H 200.0 mm / L 3.9 x W 7.9 x H 7.9 in. The housing is a robust steel housing with excellent EMC proper¬ties. Particular emphasis is placed on energy efficiency. The consistent use of power-saving components allows not only for low power consumption but also allows for a particularly low-cost cooling concept. There is no need for an active cooling system, for example, and cabinet convection is absolutely sufficient for use of the ProNumeric XCI 600.

As in the XCx 1200, it features the Windows platform for visualization, data processing etc. and the Schleicher control system with PLC/CNC. For the first time, the new Windows 8 embedded is used, bringing many advantages with it such as data security and a faster system start. I/O and drives and the new Schleicher OP 50 M handheld operating device are networked via EtherCAT®. The powerful integrated PLC/CNC solution with up to 32 CNC axes expands the proven Schleicher ProNumeric concept.

Added value

  • Up to 32 NC axes in maximum 16 subsystems
  • Interpolation cycle from 1 ms
  • Powerful multicore processor
    Clock frequency
  • Fast, efficient field networking
  • “Book PC” format for space-saving installation into switch cabinets
  • Active cooling waived thanks to low energy consumption


XCI 600


Schleicher Electronic Berlin

Schleicher Electronic GmbH & Co. KG