Single-axis controller for highest demands 

Thanks to its extremely wide power range, AC-powered ServoOne single-axis servocontroller can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • 4 – 450 A rated current at 3 x 400 – 480 V AC power supply
  • Overload factor up to 200 % at 8 kHz switching frequency
  • 8 sizes for the optimal capacity gradation
  • Integrated mains filter up to 72 A
  • Cooling concepts:
    • Air cooling
    • Liquid cooling from 16 A
  • Brake resistance can be integrated
    • Air-cooled up to 32 A
    • Water-cooled up to 450 A

Safety Integral part of SystemOne:

  • Flexible and safe programming of the safety application
  • Safety sensors can be connected directly to ServoOne
  • Safe cross-communication
  • Optional safe monitoring of external axes (SS1, SS2, SLS)

Integrated programmable single-axis positioning and sequence control:

  • Adjustment of the controller to the movement task by the customer
  • Fast on-site adjustment to changing requirements
  • Programming in IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Programming system CoDeSys 3.x






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