IO-Link Master

Distributed Modular I/O with IO-Link gives EtherCAT access to many powerful technologies already available on the market from a variety of vendors. The universal, smart and easy IO-Link technology works like USB for industrial automation and is easily configured in the engineering software with simple byte selections. Key Balluff technologies available with IO-Link are:  RFID, non-contact couplers, valve manifold connectors, the Smart Light indicator and smart sensors like linear transducers and pressure sensors.

  • Connect 8 IO-Link slave devices to the EtherCAT master
  • Ethernet over EtherCAT capable device (webserver & IP address)
  • Discrete & Analog I/O, Value Manifold Control, RFID, Smart Sensors, Smart Light & any IO-Link device from any vendor

Utilizing a widely accepted and open point to point technology, IO-Link, a Distributed Modular I/O system is fieldbus independent, is easily configured and is vendor neutral. Process data shows up as simple packets of bytes in the controller for easy integration. The parameterization data allows the devices to be quickly configured using simple read/write commands, and best of all, there is no “sub-bus” to cause headaches, nor is there some new protocol to be educated on. The digital signal is carried over pin 4 of a standard cable and 24V power is provided to the device in a standard configuration. If required, the IO-Link port can be used for a standard I/O point.


IO-Link Master



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