Inverter i500 Series

The new i500 is a series of devices with all the innovations that current technology has to offer. The success of the development work is reflected in the compact design and in the impressive way the modular devices can be put together to really fulfil customer requirements - all this is combined with user-friendliness.

Lenze was very stringent in selecting only the latest available components for this new device. These components include the latest IGBT technology, the speed controlled fan, and the active balancing of the intermediate circuit voltages, which all helps to keep the energy consumption as low as possible.

Because it has been possible to increase the power density, the inverters have become smaller, and thanks to the lower heat losses and the sophisticated cooling system they can also be installed side by side in the control cabinet. The i500 therefore creates new opportunities to design smaller control cabinets, as does the housing depth. Up to the 11 kW power level, the i500 series fits in the popular flat “150 model” control cabinets. Also, in the power range from 0.25 to 45 kW, the i500 already meets the requirements of efficiency class IE2 in the new EN 50598-2 standard, which will soon come into force.

To achieve clear benefits in terms of functional scalability, Lenze structurally separates the i500’s power section from the control unit. The control unit is snapped onto the power section, and it contains different forms of field bus communication, including EtherCAT and other leading communicatin systems, multiple I/O interfaces, and plug options for a keypad, a USB interface or a WLAN module. These three interfaces are available as options for commissioning, for setting parameters, or for diagnosis. The WLAN module communicates with a PC or alternatively with the Lenze keypad app on a smartphone. The product line has been deliberately designed to enable customers to order an inverter with precisely the features needed.




Inverter i500 Series



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