Fcontrol Basic

Fcontrol: Frequency inverter with integrated sine filter. Exceeding advantages because of integrated all pole effective sine filter. Fcontrol provide a sinusoidal output voltage which is comparable with standard mains supply.


  • Fcontrol Basic, modular expandable through expansion modules (Add On Modules).
  • For example, easy integration into EtherCAT Network with EtherCAT Add On Module.
  • Frequency inverter for reliable motor operation without shielded motor cables.
  • Without limitation of motor cable length. Trouble-free parallel operation of motors.
  • No danger for motors through voltage peaks (long cables).
  • No erosion of motor bearings through bearing currents.

For noise critical areas: For operation of motors without electromagnetic motor noise.


  • All kind of fan speed control in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, building ventilation, cleanroom technology, agriculture.
  • Control of fans into production process, into packaging machines, etc.
  • Control of compressors in refrigeration. Speed control of pumps.


Fcontrol Basic