Development Embedded Systems

Embedded Hardware Design
From adaptation of existing devices to new systems development: we consult with you from the beginning and find the optimum solution for your requirements.

The Altium Designer CAD system is used to design circuits and layout of your microprocessor components and analogue circuits considering EMI, mechanical and climate technology standards during the development process. Special attention is paid to:

  • good testability
  • cost-efficient production
  • EMI behaviour

After release of prototypes we will also take charge of production of your devices if desired.

Embedded Software Design
Nowadays, virtually all electronic devices are equipped with embedded software. A good software architecture and a detailed documentation form the basis of embedded software which will ensure maintainability during the complete product life cycle.
In close liaison with the customer MicroControl will work out the performance features specific to the individual system which will include system architecture, description of the system interfaces and a test specification.
An important factor for embedded software is the perfect interaction of hardware and software. Our software engineers have expert experience in electronic design to ensure optimum cooperation with the hardware development team.

Sophisticated GUIs and test programs are developed using the Qt Toolkit which supports Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Application examples:

  • Inclinometers for construction machinery 
  • PID controllers for the plastics industry 
  • Dryers for offset printing
  • Sensors for deep sea measurement


Development Embedded Systems



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