DEWESoft KRYPTON instruments act as preamplifiers in difficult signal conditioning applications and convert signals to EtherCAT data that is used within the control loop. Using decades of experience in data acquisition, DEWESoft is offering perfect signal conditioning to the control world with the use of EtherCAT.

IP67, -40 ... 85°C, 100g rated STRAIN GAUGE amplifier. One cable for data, sync and power. Programmable bridge (1/4, 1/2, full), programmable sensor excitation (1 … 15 V), lead wire compensation, TEDS. Differential voltage input also supported.

Strain and voltage measurement modes:

  • strain range: 2 mV/V … 1000 mV/V
  • voltage range: 10 V, 1 V, 10 mV, 1 mV
  • differential or single ended voltage input - software configurable

Programmable internal bridge completion:

  • full, half, quarter bridge - software configurable
  • 120 ohm or 350 ohm strain gauges supported
  • 100 kOhm shunt available
  • short option
  • lead wire compensation

Fully programmable excitation: 1 ... 15 V
24 bit ADC, 20 kSPS per channel, 3 channels

Other supported inputs:

  • Potentiometer
  • Current (with external shunt)
  • With MSI adapter: IEPE/ICP, LVDT, RTD, TC, Charge

TEDS interface
Input connector: DSUB9

Power supply voltage: 6 .. 50 V
Daisy chainable with a single cable for data, sync and power.


a) Data acquisition: DEWESoft EtherCAT DAQ profile – self-developed profile includes data buffer on each device to ensure synchronization, equidistant sampling (key requirements for frequency analysis) and no data loss (key requirement for expensive testing). Plug-and-play functionality, endless display and analysis options.
b) Control: compatible with any EtherCAT master.





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