Impact20 Modules

Impact20 is an economic fieldbus I/O station from Murrelektronik. Thanks to the small amount of space required, Impact20 is perfectly suitable for applications in terminal boxes and in control panels. A special advantage is the low height of Impact20.

Impact20 connects actuators and sensors in a very cost-effective manner. This fieldbus I/O station is strictly oriented to the requirements of modern machine installations. This means that Impact20 features predefined inputs and outputs, port-related shutdown in case of fail-ure and group diagnostic via the bus. Pluggable spring clamp terminals have integrated sta-tus LEDs for single channel diagnostics. All of these and more make Impact20 the right choice for many applications.

Impact20 is also available for various other fieldbus protocols.

EtherCAT Modules

  • 56902 - 16 outputs
  • 56900 - 16 inputs
  • 56901 - 8 inputs, 8 outputs


  • Sensor supply US:24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 700 mA per module, short-circuit and overload protected
  • Type:for 3-wire sensors or mechanical switches, p-switching (EN 61131-2)


  • Fieldbus 2 × RJ45 (female)
  • Sensor-system/actuator supply: 6 × spring clamp plug-in terminals, max. 2.5 mm² (max. 12 A)
  • I/O ports: 18 × spring clamp plug-in terminals, max. 2.5 mm² (max. 12 A)


  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC (EN 61131-2)
  • Operating modes: Autocrossing Autonegotiation
  • Transfer rate: to 100 Mbit/s
  • Addressing: automatic

General Data

  • Protection: IP20
  • Mounting method: DIN-rail mountable (EN 60715)
  • Temperature range: 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -20...+70 °C)


  • Communication status: via LED
  • Diagnostic per module and channel - under voltage, no voltage, short cirquit, overload


Impact20 Modules



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