TLB4 ETHERCAT Multi-Channel Weight Transmitter

As a result of the constant work of the R&D team, the new series of TLB4 ETHERCAT Transmitters represents an innovation of a product already at the forefront as the TLB ETHERCAT, introducing some important new features and improvements; the new container by the original design Laumas provides a greater flexibility of use than the TLB series and can be installed on the front or back panel depending on the application requirements.

Another strong point of the new series is the use of a powerful converter with four independent measuring channels that ensures an in-depth diagnostics of load cells’ signals remotely, allowing a constant monitoring of the distribution of loads and any abnormalities of the linked cells.

The new version allows the digital management of the equalization of signals avoiding the use of the usual equalized junction box (by trimmer).

Some of the most important features are:

  • 4 independent reading channels for load cells
  • Back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail or front panel mountin
  • RS485 serial port Modbus RTU
  • Fieldbus EtherCAT
  • Analog output (optional)


TLB4 ETHERCAT Multi-Channel Weight Transmitter


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