Kuhnke CIO EtherCAT I/O Modules in IP65

  • Clock speed increase via EtherCAT (100 Mbit/s)
  • Standard modules, customer-specific modules
  • 16 I/Os
  • Digital, analog

The Kuhnke CIO EtherCAT I/O Modules in IP65 were developed specifically for use under hard industrial conditions. The IP65 protection allows the installation anywhere at the machine making switching cabinets and further housings more or less redundant. The unit is designed for base plate installation.

Due to the modules' integral plug connector system, sensors and actuators are never far away from the modules. Standardized cable connections reduce mounting times while enhancing the security of the wiring.

The IP65 EtherCAT I/O modules are designed for machine building and system engineering applications not limited to systems supplied by Kendrion Kuhnke.

System properties

Dimensions 80 mm x 160 mm x 24 mm (w x h x d without connectors)
Housing Plastic housing
EtherCAT connection M12
I/O connection M8
Signal display LED, assigned to the I/O locally
Protection IP65
Interference immunity Zone B per EN 61131-2


691.200.01 DI4/DO8/AI1/Thermo3
4 digital inputs
8 digital outputs 0.5 A
1 analog input 4...20 mA
3 PT100 inputs
691.201.00 DI8/DO8
8 digital inputs 1ms
8 digital outputs 0.5 A

Ask for customer-specific modules, please.


Kuhnke CIO EtherCAT I/O Modules in IP65


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