The JSMD-02E is newly released 1.5kW grade servo drive in JSMD-0xE family.

The JSMD-0xE is EtherCAT based network servo drive family that offers EtherCAT connectivity and advanced motor control in a small footprint. With EtherCAT connectivity and a rugged and reliable design, the JSMD-0xE delivers high performance as well as easy configuration.

Key specifications:

  • EtherCAT conformance tested
  • 7.5 Amp (rms), 1.5kW Servo Drive
  • Input Voltage 180~230VAC single or 3 phase
  • High performance motion control of Justek linear Motors (JTK series) and direct drive rotary motors (JTR series)
  • 2 channel encoder interfaces (analog or digital encoder)
  • Absolute encoder Interfaces (option)
  • LCD display and push buttons for standalone operation and diagnostics
  • Position synchronized digital output(trigger pulse output, option)
  • Integrated FIR, IIR motion filter
  • IEC61131 compatibe
  • Cyclic synchronous position mode (CSP), Profile position mode (PP)








Conformance tested

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