EtherCAT Configuration Tool ET9000

Through clear definition of the interfaces in the EtherCAT specification an EtherCAT master can be developed without having to develop a configurator at the same time. The EtherCAT configurator is aimed at EtherCAT master developers who want to use it or integrate and distribute it with their software package.

The Windows software for configuring an EtherCAT network includes:

  • configurator for
    • reading XML device descriptions (ESI)
    • generating XML configuration descriptions (ENI)


  • online features
    • scanning of EtherCAT networks via master sample code interface
    • diagnostics
    • free-run online mode for commissioning
  • online and offline topology representation, including OCX for third-party software
  • Automation software interface starts the configurator as COM server
    • COM interface
    • XML interface for parameter exchange between client and server
  • including embedded graphical user interface
  • EXE file, executable under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

The EtherCAT configurator is not required if the TwinCAT software from Beckhoff is used.


EtherCAT Configuration Tool ET9000


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