EtherCAT Training System

RETS, an abbreviation for Redone Technologies' EtherCAT Training System, is the EtherCAT Protocol-based system for research, education, and development.

RETS offers an optimized environment for teaching EtherCAT device developers and EtherCAT application users.

Features and Functions:

  • EtherCAT protocol analysis and test environments for EtherCAT device developers.
    • Supports slave side memory read/write functions.
    • Checks error handling and communication
  • Built-in applications and expansion terminals:
    • Independent 32-channel digital input and output application and expansion terminals
    • 4-channel analog input and output application and expansion terminals.
    • Includes a sensor application
  • Three operational modes:
    • Mode 1 : Protocol analysis and communication test mode for EtherCAT device developers.
    • Mode 2 : EtherCAT application control mode for EtherCAT application users.
    • Mode 3 : Manual control mode for RETS V1.0 board and IO application tests.

Product Components:

  • RETS target board with FB1120
  • Application sample code
  • Power and EtherCAT cable
  • User manual and technology support
  • TwinCAT IO from Beckhoff

Through RETS V1.0, EtherCAT developers gain hands-on technology experience and also shorten the hours for developing EtherCAT devices. In addition, EtherCAT system users can experience various application programming practices based on built-in applications from IEC61131-3 language to VC++. It also allows the user to maximize the educational learning effects through their own application expansion and control.


EtherCAT Training System


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