EC‐Simulator: EtherCAT Network Simulation

The EC-Simulator virtualizes EtherCAT® networks by simulating the EtherCAT® slave devices in order to run EtherCAT Master applications without real EtherCAT® slave hardware available.

The EtherCAT® simulation is provided on a physical network adapter or virtually, e.g. to realize a completely simulated machine setup. Configuring the simulation instance is seamless using the ENI file of the real network.

Reaction to Process Data, SDOs, Slave Stack interaction, etc. can be programmed using C/C++ or .NET opening the EtherCAT data to various other engineering, testing or virtualizing tools like ISG Virtuos®.

  • Virtual Commissioning with a Digital Twin
    • Test and optimize the application at an early stage of the engineering, even without any real existing hardware
    • Test error scenarios which are dangerous and/or lead to damages
  • EtherCAT control system release tests
    • Test extended scenarios, e.g., simulate topology changes
    • Simulate slave errors Simulate huge network
  • Software development and eduction

Ready to run on Windows, Linux and other operating systems.


EC‐Simulator: EtherCAT Network Simulation


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