EtherCAT Pneumatic Valve Manifold in IP67

The EX260 for EtherCAT is a slim and cost effective design fieldbus module optimized to control pneumatic valves.

Thanks to dedicated valve control nature, it can install near actuators as close as possible and helps to minimize air tubing and to realize quick response.


  • 28mm width enclosure
  • 32 valve outputs type and 16 valve outputs type
  • Current sourcing output type and current sinking output type
  • IP67 rated enclosure protection
  • M12 EtherCAT connection
  • Work with competitive new valve series, Series SY3000 and SY5000, with the following features
    • 3 type porting available, Top, Bottom and Side
    • Able to mount different size valves on a same manifold
    • 1 to 24 stations flexible configuration




EtherCAT Pneumatic Valve Manifold in IP67


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