Industrial Octiv VI Probe

The Industrial Octiv VI probe from Impedans is a web-enabled, in-line RF sensing platform used to monitor RF process characteristics in real time. It provides an independent view of your RF process health: measuring Voltage, Current, Phase, Harmonics and Impedance on the RF power line for continuous and pulsed processes. The Octiv sensor can measure multiple fundamental frequencies and their harmonics simultaneously.

All standard RF processing frequencies are covered, 2 MHz | 13.56 MHz | 27.12 MHz | 40.68 MHz | 60 MHz. Custom frequencies from 400 kHz to 100 MHz can be accommodated on request.

RF Measurements:

  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Phase
  • Harmonics
  • Impedance

Pulsed profiles
Synchronized Voltage, Current and Phase measurements for pulsed RF processes.

Frequency Agility
The Industrial Octiv allows the user to accurately measure the RF parameters while tracking a rapidly varying fundamental frequency. This finds applications in RF processes that employ frequency tuning to match RF power to a dynamic load impedance.

Key specifications

  • Voltage range up to 3 kV
  • Current range up to 20 A
  • Phase range up to ±180°
  • Up to 15 harmonics per frequency
  • 5 fundamental frequencies simultaneously
  • Voltage accuracy 1%
  • Current accuracy 1%
  • Phase accuracy 1°

Software Application Programming Interface (API)
A comprehensive API is provided with the sensor to facilitate integration with 3rd party software applications. Sensor initialization, configuration, and data transfer functions are easily implemented on all of the common software platforms. Basic examples are provided.

Industrial Communications Interface
The Industrial Octiv is equipped with two Ethernet ports. The device can be configured to communicate with the host using a variety of protocols including; web service, EtherCAT and other major protocols. Industrial protocols such as EtherCAT are becoming vital for the smart connected factories of the future.


Industrial Octiv VI Probe



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