The type series UNIGATE AS-i EtherCAT is always master on the AS-i side and converts data to all fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet buses.

The type series is based on the approved protocol converters UNIGATE CL, that have been expanded by the AS-i-Master now. The AS-interface master is a master with the profile M-4. Furthermore it complies with the AS-interface Power24V specification. If permitted by the cycle time, the master slides in a parameter call in each cycle so that the Parameter Input Image (PII) is updated cyclically. This accelerates the signalling of the status or the diagnosis information (e.g. "auxiliary voltage is not vailable") that are increasingly carried out through the parameters.

Thanks to a flexible and efficient communication structure between master and host extremely short time periods for the data transfer for all data are achieved.

The master is designed for the operation of AS-interface Power24V networks. For the acyclic services of CTT1 and CTT2 one channel for each slave address is provided in the master, so that they can be processed quickest possible.

Errors during the communication with each slave are stored for diagnosis reasons and can be read out by the host. This way the running operation of the network can be monitored.




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