FieldbusBox IL230x-B110 in IP67

The CouplerBox IL230x-B110 extends EtherCAT into the IP67 area. All ExtensionBox modules from the established FieldbusBox family can be connected via the IP-Link fiber optic interface. A station consists of a CouplerBox with 4DI/4DO wired via 8 x M8 or 4 x M12 connectors. The integrated IP-Link connects up to 120 ExtensionBox modules (not shown on the picture).

Beneath pure digital input and output modules also analog signals or serial communication and length or angle encoders can be connected. Interfaces for valve islands are available as well.

IP-Link is a fiber optic communication link, ExtensionBoxes can be mounted up to 15m apart. 1000 digital I/Os can be transmitted within 1ms, smaller configurations faster.


FieldbusBox IL230x-B110 in IP67


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