L-force 8400 Inverter Drives

Precisely tailored to your application – Lenze 8400 Drives are available up to 45 kW. Customers requiring “Rightsized” drive performance and costs led us to produce the 8400 range of frequency inverters where each successive model - BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine and TopLine builds on the previous one in terms of functionality and drive behaviour. This covers the complete range of simple speed control drives without feedback up to high precise positioning drives including indexing and operation modes close to servo technology for asynchronous motors.

To ensure simplified and intuitive handling of all the 8400 inverters, a clear text based keypad and engineering software called Engineer were designed. User - friendly parameterisation and commissioning together with intelligent features such as the memory module, the online-diagnostics, analogue value logger, and the message and error logger of 8400 drives has made the inverters simpler and quicker to use. All these features contribute to process optimisation and more added value in the engineering industry.

Apart from various other field busses, the StateLine and higher versions of  8400 come with a pluggable communication module for EtherCAT. Thus, 8400 Inverter Drives can be used wherever networking via bus systems is required. The integrated S-ramp and intelligent brake control enable virtually wear-free acceleration and deceleration. In addition, adjustable operation modes enable each drive to be simply configured. The safe torque off option supports applications where safety is required. Furthermore, user specific logic programming is possible using the function block interconnection integrated in HighLine.

The StateLine is designed for travelling and variable speed applications, or transport drives with higher requirements such as hoist applications. The HighLine versions also include integrated point-to-point positioning, making them suitable for rotary feeders, filling systems, rolling and sliding doors, or positioning tasks in storage systems. The TopLine version additionally supports position sequencer and synchronous drives.


L-force 8400 Inverter Drives



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