RZ/T1 Motion Control Development Kit

The RZ/T1 MOTION CONTROL SOLUTION KIT delivers best-in-class processing power and real-time architecture to run tighter control loops, network connectivity to support deterministic communication, and high-speed encoder interface – effectively serving as connected servo solution on a single chip. The kit includes an RZ/T1 CPU card, and a dual channel 3-phase inverter to support dual channel servo motor control with current and position feedback. The kit also supports incremental and absolute encoder over A-format™ ,BiSS®, EnDat, Tamagawa protocols.

The RZ/T1 solution kit integrates software algorithms including Field Oriented Control, position control loop, and velocity profile generator. This provides a example that allows customers to quickly evaluate the performance of the chip. The current board is able to support two axes. Renesas will support the solution kit with dedicated network stacks and the necessary encoder software, which will be continuously enhanced.




RZ/T1 Motion Control Development Kit



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