WEMLink™ EtherCAT

The Weigl WEMLink™ EtherCAT module simplifies automation process control information exchange between EtherCAT devices and all Weigl ProCommander® controllers.

A Weigl ProCommander® sends real-time show data to the WEMLink™ EtherCAT, which is an EtherCAT slave module.

The WEMLink™ EtherCAT uses this information and provides cyclic data of the input/output level for the PLC. The PLC programmer can use the provided data and interprets the data as it is required for all connected EtherCAT devices. The WEMLink™ EtherCAT receives data from the PLC and sends it to the ProCommander®, who interprets the incoming data and uses this for example as input triggers for show controlling for all other connected Weigl devices.