Socket Inserts (RJ45, Fibre Optics)

Socket Insert (RJ45)

Socket inserts for EtherCAT based on RJ45 technology.

  • Socket Insert (RJ45):
    • CAT5e up to CAT
    • 4 or 8 pos.
    • shielded
    • with cable connection or solder pins
    • particially IDC fast connection
    • onefold up to eightfold types

Socket Insert (Fibre Optics)

Socket inserts for fibre optics usable for EtherCAT.

  • SCRJ socket insert:
    • duplex
    • for VS-A-F-IP67 panel mounting frame
    • can be used for glass, multi-mode, HCS and polymer fibers
  • SCRJ coupling insert:
    • duplex
    • for VS-PP-19-1HE-16-F patch panel and VS-TO...F...terminal outlets and VS-SI-FP-2F front plate
    • can be used for glass multi-mode, HCS and polymer fiber types


Socket Inserts (RJ45, Fibre Optics)


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