HARTING´s Ha-VIS preLink® is a new and complete solution for implementing Ethernet cabling. This system solution is a comprehensive product range that offers versatile swappable mating profiles, device interfaces and corresponding junction boxes.Thus preLink meet all requirements and leaves nothing to be desired. The Ha-VIS preLink® termination block is at the heart of the system: it can be wired with total safety in one step using our preLink® crimping tool. The final block can be used again and again in seconds and used in all preLink® plug faces, thus making cables and connectors for the first time into independent components. This ensures that your cabling remains versatile and sustainable into the future – with 100% process reliability!


  • flexible and future-proof Ethernet cabling
  • Comprehensive portfolio of systems for use in railway engineering, automation and energy
  • Reliable wiring through the Ha-VIS preLink® assembly tool
  • simple and time-saving Routing the cables with limited space
  • pre-assembled cables for quick replacement for maintenance or upgrade available
  • field assembly and vibration safe by IDC
  • takes solid and stranded wire AWG 28 - AWG 22
  • -40 - +70°C
  • strain relief
  • circuit label for safe wiring





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