AD4 OE Series

The measurement module AD4 OE100 has been designed for the acquisition of fast analog signals in the fields of automotive measurement technology. This MiniModule features a maximum measurement data rate of 100 kHz per channel. Due to its galvanically isolated sensor excitation of up to 24 V DC, this measurement module is ideally suited for IEPE sensors.

If used in combination CSM’s XCP-Gateway, AD4 OE100 modules can be easily configured and operated by using the configuration software CSMconfig and XCP-compatible data acquisition software (e.g. vMeasure CSM, CANape®, INCA, etc.), respectively. AD4 OE100 measurement modules can be directly connected to a computer if data acquisition software supporting EtherCAT® master operation is used.

Key features:

  • 4 differential voltage inputs, galvanically isolated
  • Measurement data rate up to 100 kHz per channel
  • Measurement range from ±5 V to ±90 V, adjustable per channel
  • Galvanically isolated sensor excitation, adjustable per channel
  • Precise module and channel synchronization
  • TEDS functionality according to IEEE 1451.4 (Template 30) supported
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C


AD4 OE Series


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