CDHD Servo Drive

Servotronix Motion Control, Ltd. introduces the CDHD Servo Drive – the next generation high performance product family. CDHD features hardware and software design innovations that deliver superior servo performance, industry-leading power density, and extensive versatility, at a competitive price.

CDHD supports virtually any servo motor and feedback type, as well as any I/O requirement. CDHD is offered at a competitive price, and with an unparalleled 30-month warranty. Firmware modifications are offered to address any particular application requirement.
CDHD comes with user-friendly ServoStudio GUI software, which includes a setup wizard for simple and effortless drive configuration within minutes. The drive’s software makes use of an advanced Auto-Tuning control function that reduces tracking error and settling time to almost zero, while a new current loop design achieves an industry-leading frequency response of up to 3 kHz. An additional feature that boasts performance is a new Anti-Vibration algorithm that effectively compensates any mechanical resonance. The drive’s advanced current, position and velocity loops can be easily tuned through ServoStudio, and enable optimized control to any electromechanical system. Additional features include STO (Safe-Torque-Off), 16 bit analog input, Fault Relay, secondary feedback, encoder simulation, adaptive Feed Forward feature and more.
Input voltage can be 120/240 VAC, single or three phase, to 400/480V three phase. The CDHD series operates rotary and linear AC servo motors DC motors and supports multiple communication protocols.

Key Benefits:

  • High power density drive in one of the smallest footprints in the market
  • Exclusive 30-month warranty
  • New current loop design for outstanding frequency response of up to 3 kHz.
  • Advanced Auto-Tune function reducing position error and settling time to almost zero
  • Anti-Vibration algorithm that effectively eliminates any mechanical resonance
  • User friendly ServoStudio