PPS 200: Planar Positioning System

The PPS 200 is a planar positioning system with a high dynamic and an outstanding accuracy. This system can be easily integrated in even more complex systems with the introduction of the EtherCAT® slave interface to the PPS. Now the PPS 200 is controlled by a NC which supports DS402 and sends cyclic the new position for the x- and y-axis to the PPS.

In the accuracy class of 1µm the PPS 200 has an extremely compact design in relation to stages with crossed axes. The slider runs without mechanical contact on air bearings. The movement generation is performed without mechanical contact. Precise controlled magnetic fields enable the extremely high motion quality of the slider (synchronous operation, high dynamics, no stick-slip).

The main features are:

  • travel range: 200x200mm² 
  • path accuracy (x, y): ≤ ±1µm
  • repeatability: ±0.1µm
  • position resolution: 1nm
  • DS402 based control mode (Cyclic Synchronous Position)
  • max. path speed: 1m/s
  • max. acceleration: 1g


PPS 200: Planar Positioning System


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