Safely control complex systems using modern fieldbus technology!

u-remote’s IP67 family combines all the field benefits offered by u-remote IP20 in a device with an increased degree of protection and is perfectly equipped for signal connection outside of the panel.

It demonstrates a high degree of flexibility in terms of the connection options with IO-Link and scores top marks with a variable power supply.

Another impressive feature of IP67 is its multiprotocol capability. For you, this translates into less effort, fewer costs and maximum performance at the same time.

The UR67-MP modules are intended for the decentralised control in an EtherCAT network. The protocol is selected using the rotary switch. Each module has eight connections (M12, 5-pole, A-coded) for signal lines as well as connections for the fieldbus (M12, 4-pole, D-coded). The power supply is connected via 5-pole, L-coded M12 or 7/8" connections.

The UR67-MP-xx-8DIDO-12-60M modules have 8 digital inputs (P-switching) and 8 digital outputs.




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