Cyclone® II / III / IV / V FPGAs and SoCs

Programmable logic offers the ultimate in flexibility and the Cyclone® family of devices have been optimised for low cost and low power enabling developers to leverage all the advantages of FPGA without having to compromise on performance or cost. Cyclone® FPGAs offer you an unprecedented combination of low power, high functionality, and low cost to maximize your competitive edge.

These industry leading FPGA devices from Altera® can be configured to deliver a wide range of functions including EtherCAT slave controllers.

You can create your own custom system with the EtherCAT IP core (available from Beckhoff).

EtherCAT IP core features in Cyclone FPGA:

  • Scaleable EtherCAT Slave controller
  • Unsynchronized Slave for IO devices
  • Full featured EtherCAT Slave with distributed clocks for Drive applications
  • CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT) software stack and slave application executed on the versatile Nios® II embedded processor
  • Optional 8/16/32 Bit host interface for connection to external application microcontroller
  • FPGAs can support additional custom digital logic or interfaces required by your system

Cyclone® FPGA devices can also offer a wide range of functionality (e.g., microprocessors, DSP, custom logic, etc.) and interfaces (e.g. CAN, PWM, RS232, PCI, PCI Express, etc.) to address a very wide range of applications. Cyclone IV / V FPGAs for EtherCAT and additional custom logic available in densities from 6K to 300K logic elements.

For information on slave controller IP, EtherCAT slave development kits please refer to EtherCAT IP core for Altera® FPGAs ET1810 (Beckhoff), EtherCAT evaluation kits: EL98xx (Beckhoff), MercuryCode / DBC3C40 development board (EBV Elektronik), etc.