SoftPLC S7-315® / PLC S7-416®

The SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416 executes a program in the same manner as a hardware PLC. The advantage of executing a PLC program this way is, that the PLC status can be displayed in real time without any recompile activities. Since the Soft PLC behaves like a original Simatic® PLC, the programming tools S7 for Windows® and Step®7 can be used. Online connections can be established serial, via Ethernet and directly on the same PC. Even for project engineering and diagnostics S7 for Windows® or the original Step®7 tool can be used. The complete program of a S7-PLC or a Siemens Win AC® SoftPLC can be transferred to the SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416.

The SoftPLC can access EtherCAT I/Os either using the Ethernet PCI network cards from Beckhoff or the CifX cards from Hilscher.

  • PU functions with Step®7 or S7 for Windows® over Ethernet with the ISO on TCP (RFC1006) or the IBHLink protocol
  • HMI applications can connect via ISO on TCP (RFC1006), the IBHLink protocol or via the optional IBH OPC server for the visualization PC.
  • Diagnostics and HMI via Intranet/Internet can be realized with the IIS Webserver of the PC.
  • PLC to PLC communication via the integrated Ethernet CP.
  • In conjunction with the Beckhoff TwinSafe modules, safety functions (f.i. Emergency Stop) can be realized very easy and cost-efficient with the SoftPLC PLC S7-315 / PLC S7-416.
  • Using the EtherCAT technology, it is possible to integrate other fieldbus segments, as for instance Profibus DP, CANOpen, ASi, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus, Fipio, CC-Link and SERCOS interface at any place of the EtherCAT network.
  • For the operation in building automation, the bus systems LON, EIB, MP, as well as Dali are available.
  • Special functions for the peripheral devices (ADS functions) can be called via integrated function blocks.


SoftPLC S7-315® / PLC S7-416®



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