PowerDRIVE GEL 6110

Positioning drive variable in design, connection technology and interface

  • Nominal torque 1.4 Nm up to 15 Nm
  • Multiturn absolute encoder
  • Hybride cable radial/ plug axial
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature to +60°C

More flexibility due to Ethernet in the drive

The PowerDRIVE GEL 6110 forms a complete mechatronic unit, consisting of a DC brushless motor, a novel magnetic multiturn absolute rotary encoder, a 32-bit microcontroller, a compact power amplifier, as well as an efficient spur gear. Optionally, robust stainless steel housings or stiff aluminium housings are available in two designs. With its high protection class (IP 67), the PowerDRIVE is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industrial areas.

Companies operating large plants and packaging lines often require a specific control system with a pre-defined network protocol for their production lines. Lenord + Bauer is already reacting to this trend. The positioning drives can be integrated into the required network via the central PowerDRIVE-Box. However, it is also possible to integrate drives directly using a front end that can be selected.

The PowerDRIVE-Positioning series in particular is characterised by a high degree of modularisation. The front end developed for an interface is also suitable for many modules in the same series. As such the new PowerDRIVE with 20-mm through hollow shaft and the powerful 15‑Nm variant are available directly with EtherCAT as well as common fieldbus and Ethernet-based communication systems.

This aspect increases the network connectivity of the PowerDRIVE-System. Integration in different networks is eased significantly by software modules that can be instanced. In this way the automation of auxiliary and feed axes is easier for machine manufacturers and operating companies.


PowerDRIVE GEL 6110


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