KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack

KPA EtherCAT Slave stack is a software stack designed to run on microcontrollers, CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs with or without any operating system. It is provided as a source code.

Hardware Platforms

  • For 8-, 16- and 32 Bit-μCs e. g.: 80C16x, x86, ARMx, ppc 52xx, ATmega128, Xilinx,  Microblaze, Sitara…

Operating Systems (for standard versions)

  • INtime, Linux, QNX, RTX, VxWorks, Windows, Xenomai


  • KPA Basic Version
    • Static Object Dictionary (OD)
    • Without Operating System (OS)
    • CoE
    • Flash size ≥ 55 kB, RAM size ≥ 3 k
  • KPA Standard Version
    • With OS abstraction layer
    • CoE, FoE, EoE, SoE, VoE
    • Automatic OD generation
    • Flash size ≥ 75 kB, RAM size ≥ 8 kB

KPA functionality

  • Documented architecture, API and samples, support
  • Purely based on EtherCAT Norm and CTT


KPA EtherCAT Slave Stack



koenig-pa GmbH

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