optoNCDT 2300

The optoNCDT 2300 is the latest high-end series from Micro-Epsilon’s range of laser triangulation sensors. This new series offers adjustable measuring rates up to 49.02 kHz. A key, unique advantage of the sensor is that all of the electronics are now integrated in the compact sensor.

The new A-RTSC (Advanced Real Time Surface Compensation) feature is a further development of the proven RTSC technology and, with its improved dynamic range, enables more precise real time surface compensation during measurements.

The optoNCDT 2300 is particularly suited to high speed applications such as the monitoring of vibrations or measurements on difficult, demanding surfaces. As well as, the measurement of diffuse reflecting surfaces, the sensor is also capable of measuring direct reflecting surfaces. By using multi-peak evaluation software, the sensors are also suitable for one-sided thickness measurements of transparent materials.