STF EtherCAT Stepper Drives

The STF EtherCAT stepper drives are a family of compact stepper drives with many sophisticated features. The STF EtherCAT drive can operate as a standard EtherCAT slave using CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT). It supports CiA 402 drive profile including Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Cyclic Synchronous Position and Homing modes. It also supports MOONS’ own Q mode to execute pre-stored motion programs. The STF EtherCAT drives can operate with various step motors.

Key Features:

  • CoE (CiA 402 drive profile)
  • PP, PV, CSP, HM modes supported
  • MOONS' own Q mode supported
  • Intelligent built-in controller
  • Sophisticated current control
  • Advanced anti-resonance algorithm
  • Torque ripple smoothing
  • Idle current reduction




STF EtherCAT Stepper Drives


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