XCP-Gateway Series

The protocol converter XCP-Gateway is the interface between EtherCAT measurement modules from CSM and data acquisition software. It allows the linking of CSM EtherCAT measurement devices and the data protocol XCP-on-Ethernet, thus combining the advantages of data acquistion via EtherCAT (time synchronsization of all measurement signals better than 1 μs) with the flexibility of XCP-on-Ethernet.

From a software perspective, the XCP-Gateway serves as an XCP controller with numerous measured quantities. The measurement configurations of the connected measurement models are written to a single A2L file.

The XCP-Gateway perfectly suits measurement applications with many measurement channels and high measurement data rates. The "XCP-Gateway pro" version features up to two CAN interfaces, thus providing a basis for combined measurement setups with CAN- and EtherCAT-based measurement modules from CSM.

Key Features:

  • Converter for EtherCAT to standard protocol XCP-on-Ethernet
  • Suited for up to 4.5 million data points per second (MS/s) per ECAT input, e.g. four measurement channels with 1 MHz
  • Real-time master for EtherCAT devices of the CSM MiniModule series
  • "XCP-Gateway pro" version: Up to two CAN interfaces for the connection of CSM CAN measurement modules. Transmission of temperature information of the CSM HV Breakout modules via EtherCAT.
  • "XCP-Gateway pro": 4 ECAT inputs for large measurement setups with high data rates and up to two CAN interfaces. Conversion to XCP-on-Ethernet with 1 GBit/s. Use of PTP according to IEEE 1588 as synchronization mechanism to further measurement chains, optionally with global time synchronization via GPS.


XCP-Gateway Series


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