EtherCAT Drive Controller deSAC 4000

The deSAC 4000 is used to control highly dynamic and precise movements in modern machines. It serves as a controller between a parent drive-control computer and peripheral equipment. The axis controller is designed as an EtherCAT slave, additional process peripherals are connected via a EtherCAT master. Real-time communication capabilities are being used to allow a high response speed of the system to external influences (in the millisecond range) while allowing rapid synchronization of the axes to each other.

The deSAC 4000 is built two channel redundant with reciprocal comparison. It was specifically developed on behalf of SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH Dresden for use in the theater and stage technology and meets the security requirements of SIL 3 according to DIN EN 61508. For the use in the theater and stage equipment a certification by TUV is being performed.

The drive controller is designed as compact unit with the capability of modular extension. The main unit contains all interfaces that are constantly necessary for drive control tasks. This includes, among others, two EtherCAT slave interfaces, a EtherCAT master, position sensor connections, digital security inputs, digital outputs, analog in- and outputs, and two watchdogs. According to the respective requirements additional process peripherals can be added as modular EtherCAT slave. The controller can be combined with an external diagnostic and operator terminal using USB or Ethernet ports.

The user can create own applications using C/C++ programming systems and receives manifold support in the form of a start-up code and a hardware supporting library (HAL). The USB and EtherCAT-FoE allow firmware updates.


  • safety according to SIL 3
  • real-time capabilities (e.g. 1ms cycle time, synchronization of in conjunction operated axes via EtherCAT)
  • compact unit for servo drives
  • modular structure of additional process peripherals


EtherCAT Drive Controller deSAC 4000


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