EtherCAT Development and Production Services

dresden elektroniks EtherCAT services include:

  • user-specific development, prototype and serial production (up to 200,000 components per shift)
  • hardware for several targets: microcontrollers (ARM, NIOSII, Infineon), FPGA (Xilinx, Altera)
  • software: C++ for GNU, ARM and IAR
  • software master without configurator
  • hardware master for 10 µs cycle time
  • slave ET 1100 / 1200


  • Universal controller for extremely fast measurements
    • 10 µs cycle time for processing and transmission of measured signals via Hardware-EtherCAT-Master
  • Probe electronics for radiation-based measurement systems
    • EtherCAT slave implementation for ARM7 controller
    • simple circuit and PCB by using serial interfaces
  • EtherCAT master library for embedded systems
    • Software-EtherCAT-Master as C++ library
    • No operating system necessary
    • No configurator and XML file transfer necessary
    • Interfaces to slave descriptions (tabular form) and standard Ethernet (MAC layer) are available
  • deSAC 4000 - Drive Controller with integrated safety functions
    • Controller system for safety operation of servo drives
    • EtherCAT slave 
    • Real time periphery for actual position values and actuator setpoints
    • EtherCAT master to process interface equipment 
    • Safety: DIN EN 61508, SIL3


EtherCAT Development and Production Services


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