TMCM-3315 is a powerful stepper motor servo modules for driving three axes using EtherCAT.

The TMCM-3315 is a triple axis closed-loop stepper motor controller/driver module for sensorless load dependent current control. The powerful board drives three 2-phase bipolar stepper motors up to 6.7A RMS of current from each output while retaining energy efficiency.

Ideal for handling liquids and sensitive goods, the stepper motor servo module for stepper motors with A/B/N quadrature encoders has a SixPoint™ and S-shaped ramp generator for precise and fast positioning. Other special Trinamic features, such as the easy to implement CoolStep™ and StealthChop™, allow for silent, sensorless load-dependent current control.

It is designed for an operating voltage of 18...53V. The device provides a USB, EtherCAT and 3 encoder interfaces. An integrated protocol processor supplies a high level CANopen over EtherCAT communication.