HES-C400 is the high-speed, low-load motion slave, that is processing location and velocity information on the slave side with easy command from PC. As a pioneer in PC-based motion control in Japan, HIVERTEC has been achieved motion control by pulse train on the EtherCAT network, that is our speciality. HES-C400 is a result of our speciality and its endeavour. HE'S-C400 can be used with various motor drivers and masters from a wide range of choices, including servo motors as well as stepping motors which are not supported for EtherCAT. Because of generating and processing the location and velocity information on the slave side, high-precision motion control can be achieved with a small software operation. The synchronization with various external devices can be achieved using the trigger signals output by functioning equipped 4 counter and 5 comparator for each axes. From the scalability and flexibility of the connection can also reduce the cost of cable connection, so more freedom device configuration can be achieved.

Basic Specification

  • Position Control: command pulse train signal output (Output element: Diff. driver)
  • Position Control Command Range: -134,217,728 ~ +134,217,727 [pulse]
  • Relative Coordinate Command
  • Simultaneous Start/Simultaneous Stop
  • Speed Override
  • Position Override: available only for positioning operation
  • Speed Range: 0.1pps to 6.5Mpps (multiple 0.1 to 100)
  • Positioning: 4 axes individually positioning/2 to 4 axes simultaneously linear interpolation/2 axes simultaneously circular interpolation
  • Free acceleration/deceleration system:
    • (1) When positioning and linear interpolation, these functions are available: S-curve acceleration/deceleration, partial S-curve pattern acceleration/deceleration, linear acceleration/deceleration. When automatic acceleration/deceleration, asymmetrical ramp can be used.
    • (2) When circular interpolation, automatic acceleration/deceleration is available.







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