PowerPC™ PrPMC Module for EtherCAT® Masters

The PMC-CPU/405-DE is a PCI Mezzanine Card that is automatically switched to monarch (PrPMC) or non-monarch mode according to the system’s requirements.

The PowerPC™ AMCC PPC405EP with 333 MHz provides a high performance low power solution. The board is equipped with 64 Mbyte SDRAM and 32 Mbyte Flash. The PMC-CPU/405-DE comes with two Ethernet interfaces that are accessible as 100BASE-TX via an RJ45 connector at the front panel. Both ports support MDI/MDI-X auto crossover. The console port is accessible on front panel as USB device port via Mini-USB connector. The USB device port uses a USB/UART bridge to connect to the PPC405EP’s serial port.

The flash memory carries the open source firmware ‘U-Boot’ that enables the PMC-CPU/405-DE to boot various operating systems from network and on-board flash. Thus Linux, VxWorks and QNX are directly supported with full support of on-board devices by esd.

Featured by two Fast Ethernet ports the PMC-CPU/405-DE is an ideal platform for redundant EtherCAT Master interfaces.




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