LC EtherCAT® I/O

The BRUNNER LC EtherCAT® I/O is part of our EtherCAT® product portfolio. It is a very cost effective I/O module in a compact and easy to mount case.

The LC EtherCAT® I/O module enables fast and easy connection and integration of digital I/O signals from switches, sensors, actuators etc. to an EtherCAT® network. Further it supports distributed Clocks.

Transmitting digitalized I/O data over EtherCAT® networks reduces complexity and costs for the installation of control and signal wiring. Its robust industrial design and snap-on mounting capability on a top hat DIN rail allows the fast and easy mounting and connection of the device directly at the signal source.


Input Voltage  15-30 VDC 
 EtherCAT® 2 Ports
Interface  8x DIN
 8x DOUT
 Top hat DIN rail snap-on mounting
 128 x 78 x 44 mm


  • 8 Digital In- and Output
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • LED indication of DIN and DOUT states
  • Distributed clocks supported
  • Snap-on mounting on top hat DIN rail
  • Low power consumption
  • Swiss Made


LC EtherCAT® I/O


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